Updates issued by the Chair of the Board can be found here.

Christmas 2020 letter (PDF, 1 page, 94.4kb)

Malcolm Eastwood signs off - March 2020 (PDF, 3 pages, 118kb)

Letter to chairs of Fire Authorities and Local Pension Boards: COVID-19 and FPS resilience - March 2020 (PDF, 2 pages, 144kb)

Christmas 2019 letter (PDF, 3 pages, 103kb)

Christmas 2018 letter (PDF, 3 pages, 96kb)

Chair's update - Autumn 2017 (PDF, 4 pages, 342kb)

Overview DPA vs GDPR key changes (PDF, 6 pages, 126kb)

Christmas 2016 letter (PDF, 2 pages, 292kb)

Letter to Pension Board chairs - November 2016 (PDF, 5 pages, 312kb)

Letter from Brandon Lewis MP (PDF, 2 pages, 680kb)

Letter to Pension Board chairs - July 2016 (PDF, 4 pages, 305kb)