Dear Colleagues and Associates,


Firstly, can I wish you all a "Happy New Year"...I hope you had a very enjoyable Festive Break and were able to re-charge your batteries ready for all 2018 will undoubtedly bring.

We on the Scheme Advisory Board have an ambitious workload ahead of us for 2018 which you will be pleased to know includes a review of issues surrounding Pensionable Pay....

We will also be holding our Annual Conference over the 17th & 18th of September, details of which will be published on our Events page, once our conference arrangements are finalised.

Our three SAB Sub Groups will continue their work with regards to Cost-Effectiveness, Administration & Benchmarking and Local Pension Board Effectiveness to provide efficiency, advice, guidance & support; I am hopeful that each of these Groups will deliver tangible outcomes to the benefit of all our Fire Pensions stakeholders, and in particular our 'Fire Pensions Family' working out in the FRA's.

A Challenge...! Those of you who attended last year’s Annual Conference will remember Peter Spreadbury from the Home Office issuing a challenge to those of us working in the Fire Pensions domain which was:-

"How can we, the Fire Pensions Community, take forward the 'Pensions Agenda', improve and innovate the way we manage, administer and deliver fire pensions within the constraints FRA's, etc currently have due to restricted resources, time, expertise, constraints of government legislation and time, etc.".

The above 'challenge' is one we should be looking closely at given the objectives I and my SAB colleagues were set on our appointments. I would therefore welcome any thoughts, views and suggestions you may have, either individually, or as part of any Fire Pensions group or board you serve on. Answers on a metaphorical postcard please to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

As I hope you will deduce, I am extremely keen to ensure the Firefighters' Pension Schemes run smoothly, efficiently and that those of you who work in this important domain receive every support, guidance and assistance we can give you, which will in turn benefit scheme members, FRA's, HM Government and ultimately the Taxpayer.

To this end, I am very fortunate to have the backing and support of my fellow Scheme Advisory Board members and we are greatly assisted by Clair Alcock and Claire Hey from the LGA Fire Pensions support team who between them provide professional, technical and administrative support across the Fire Pensions domain, including providing annual training to FRA's and liaison with The Pensions Regulator, The Pensions Ombudsman, Home Office, HM Revenue & Customs, the National Fire Chiefs Council and other such related bodies.

I look forward to meeting as many of you working on Fire Pensions as I can over the coming year and I close by thanking you on behalf of all scheme members, of which I am one myself, for all you do on our behalf.

Sincere Best Wishes,


Malcolm Eastwood, CBE, CStJ, QFSM, FIFireE

Chairman, English Firefighters' Pension Scheme Advisory Board.


The Pensions Regulator Annual Governance & Administration Survey

Dear Colleagues,


Please be advised that The Pensions Regulator, TPR, sent out their Annual Governance & Administration Survey to Scheme Managers on 8 November 2017. I would encourage you to ensure the survey is completed in full and returned to them, as requested, by 1 December 2017.

TPR have asked for FRAs to identify themselves in the survey. Although this is not mandatory, it would help both TPR and the Scheme Advisory Board if you could do this as we can then incorporate any training or administration requirements later identified as necessary across our Fire Pensions family.

I’m conscious that some FRAs may not be aware the survey had been sent out, so would ask you to ensure that you have received it and are taking the necessary actions to have it completed and returned by the due date.

When I met with TPR last week, they stressed we shouldn't be “typically English” by being modest on our scoring / answers; I would therefore ask you to be totally up front and honest in your responses.

Last year, Fire had a 98% response return rate of the survey across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. I would like with your assistance to achieve a full 100% return this year.

Thank you in anticipation for your assistance.

Kindest regards,


Malcolm Eastwood, CBE, CStJ, QFSM, FIFireE

Chairman, English Firefighters' Pension Scheme Advisory Board.

You found us....!!!

A very warm welcome to this, The Firefighters' Pensions (England) Scheme Advisory Board website.

Malcolm Eastwood

I hope you will find the information and links contained within this, our foundational website, useful, informative, and interesting.

Keep your eyes on the website as it is our intention to expand it as we on the Scheme Advisory Board, in conjunction with our colleagues in our Fire Pensions Family across England's Fire & Rescue Authorities develop our knowledge, procedures, policies and examples of best practice, which through the medium of this domain specific website can be accessed and shared widely across the Fire Sector and its personnel who have a vested interest in the Firefighters' Pension Schemes.

My colleagues on the Scheme Advisory Board and I would welcome your comments, suggestions for the development of this website, and general feedback via the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Sincere Best Wishes and 'Thank You' for accessing this website...


Malcolm Eastwood, CBE, CStJ, QFSM, FIFireE

Chairman, English Firefighters' Pension Scheme Advisory Board.