Please see below a list of resources that have been developed to facilitate the effective running of Local Pension Boards.

Guidance on the creation and operation of Local Pension Boards in England (PDF, 73 pages, 659kb)

Eversheds' UK pensions speedbrief - FPS Governance (PDF, 3 pages, 125kb)

Draft LPB Terms of Reference - updated June 2019 (Word, 7 pages, 28.5kb)

Scheme manager delegation guidance (PDF, 6 pages, 177kb)

Breach assessment template (Word, 4 pages, 42kb)

LPB meeting agenda template (Word, 1 page, 22kb)

Scheme year cycle (PDF, 1 page, 69.5kb)

Joint LPB guidance (PDF, 6 pages, 377kb)

Key FPS risks (PDF, 5 pages, 311kb)


Our thanks go to the following organisations who have assisted the Scheme Advisory Board by sharing their ideas and content.

GMFRS logo TPR Supervisory Review Report to the Scheme Manager and Pension Board (PDF, 18 pages, 539kb) - February 2021
              Annual work programme (Word, 2 pages, 17kb)
LBP self-assessment (Word, 6 pages, 32kb)
Scheme Manager training follow up report (PDF, 4 pages, 280kb)
Risk register (Word, 4 pages, 21kb)
Annual report template (Word, 8 pages, 49kb)